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UKU-Consumers Satisfaction Rating scale (UKU-CONSAT)

Main reference

Ahlfors UG, Lewander T, Lindstrøm E, Malt UF, Lublin H, Malm U. Assessment of patient satisfaction with psychiatric care. Development and clinical evaluation of a brief consumer satisfaction rating scale (UKU-ConSat). Nord J Psychiatry. 2001;55 Suppl 44:71-90.

Comments to the scale

Central to the concept of quality of care is the patient's (the health care consumer's) own view of the care provided and the treatment outcome. The CONSAT was developed based on an extensive literature review, a number of principles related to content, assessment, interview techniques, documentation and standardisation. The scale consists of six items related to the structure and process of treatment care, and two items related to outcome and well-being. A manual accompanies the rating scale with guidelines for how to solicit information from the patient and how to rate each item.

A field trial of the rating scale in 135 inpatients at multiple clinical sites in Finland and Sweden showed that it could be applied to several relevant patient categories (psychotic, affective, neurotic, organic and alcohol and substance abuse disorders).

The scale can be used both for research and for improvement of routine psychiatric services.

There is a patient rated version of CONSAT in Swedish (hypertekst).