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ATMs/cash machines

ATMs offer a convenient way of withdrawing Danish money on a credit or debit card. Most banks have ATMs outside that are open 24 hours. All major cards are accepted.


Banks are open from 09:30 to 16:00 on weekdays with late hours until 18:00 on Thursdays (closed Saturdays and Sundays). There are numerous cash machines throughout the city and the plentiful bureaux de change are open during weekends.


Personal cheques made out by foreign visitors are normally not accepted, but banks cash Euro cheques and recognised traveller?s cheques at a fee. Most shops accept Euro cheques drawn in Danish Kroner as well as traveller?s cheques and international credit cards.


Our climate follows the four seasons of the northern hemisphere, but temperatures can vary considerably during the year, particularly during the winter period.


The Danish currency is the krone (DKK) which is divided into 100 oere.

There is no limit on the amount of foreign or Danish currency you can bring into Denmark.


Denmark, like most other European countries, has 220-volt AC, 50Hz current and uses two-pin continental plugs.

Visitors from the UK will need an adaptor for electric appliances, whereas North Americans need a transformer in order to use their 110/125V appliances.

Health insurance

As a citizen of an EU country visiting Denmark, you are covered by public health insurance within the limits agreed upon between your own country and the Danish authorities.

Also, as a temporary foreign visitor, you are entitled to free medical treatment in hospitals and emergency wards if you are taken ill or have an accident, provided that you have not travelled to Denmark with the intention of obtaining treatment and are physically unable to return to your own country.

If you are a citizen of a non-EU country, you should ensure that you have adequate health insurance. Check with your travel agency or your insurance company.


The language of Denmark is Danish. It is the sole language for official purposes. However, most Danes speak and understand English well.

Passport and Visa information

The most common credit card in Copenhagen is Visa, but you should have no problem finding ATMs/cash machines that accept Mastercard or American Express as well. Major credit cards are widely accepted at hotels, stores, cafes and restaurants. Some places might charge a fee when accepting foreign credit cards as payment. Be sure to have your PIN code and a picture ID when using a credit card in Denmark.


On 15 August 2007 a smoking ban in all public indoor areas was introduced.

Along with most other western European countries, Denmark has now imposed a blanket ban on smoking in public places. Smoking is forbidden in public buildings and private business - including restaurants, pubs, shops, public transport, entertainment venues and workplaces - throughout the country.

The only exception from the ban is for establishments with an area less than 40 sq.mtrs., which don?t serve fresh food - so you can still enjoy a cigarette in some smaller pubs if you?re lucky - some places have installed special smoking rooms but most refer smokers to the streets.


The current Value Added Tax (VAT) rate is 25 per cent. VAT is included in hotel and restaurant bills, entrance fees, etc. and cannot be refunded on these services.

Tax Free shopping is possible in many major shops and department stores for visitors from non-EU and non-Scandinavian countries. The VAT is refunded at the airport upon presenting a completed VAT refund form. To achieve the VAT refund, a minimum purchase of DKK 300 per shop is required.

Time zone

Denmark follows Central European Time (CET) which is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and six hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time (EST).


Service is normally included in restaurant, hotel and taxi bills, so any further tip should only be given for exceptionally good service.

It is not uncommon, however, to round up the bill.

Visas and passports

If you are an EU citizen, you must either present a passport or an ID card valid for the duration of your stay in order to enter Denmark for tourist visits of up to three months.

Citizens of other countries must have a valid passport. Some non-EU citizens are required to produce a visa. Please contact your travel agent or the nearest Danish diplomatic post for further information.