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  1. Eligibility. Applicants who have received SCNP Research Grants twice within the immediately preceeding three years will not be eligible

  2. Projects. Entirely clinical or social psychiatry projects are not accepted. A project, whether human or animal has to include some neuropsychopharmacology.  

  3. Criteria:
    1. Scientific relevance
    2. Innovative + original project (in contrast to e.g. drug testing)
    3. Potential clinical relevance: Immediate or as future development
    4. Well designed project + testable hypothesis
    5. Publication list, as evidenced by the applicants scientific work. Quality of journals in which the work has been published

  4. Scores
    1. For 3.1 to 3.4: 1-5 point(s).
    2. For 3.5: 1-3 point(s). 
    3. The mean value for 3.1 to 3.5 is calculated

  5. Applicant's Age
    1. If the candidate is younger than 35, a good publication list gives additional 0.25 points.
    2. If the candidate is above 35, and there are no publications, then 0.25 points will be subtracted.  

SCNP board members will score the applications. However, board members are not allowed to give scores to applications from their own group/institution.