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Hotel Kong Arthur

Except for the hotel sign above the entrance, the old apprentice residence from 1882 pretty much looks the same: The building majestically secluded in the back of the cobblestoned alley, alongside the inner lakes of Copenhagen.  

Cozy, informal atmosphere 

When you grab the handle of the heavy oak wood door and step inside, you will be met by a lit fireplace, comfy sofas, pillows in the window sill, a stack of books on the shelves and beautiful courtyards adorned with summer flowers, cobbles and a unique peacefulness – away from the city bustle. Here, the atmosphere is cozy and informal. 

Modern style with a hint of medieval 

Despite the hotel name, the interior does not imply old-fashioned renaissance, even though real knight’s armor welcomes you in the lobby. The style is exclusive and modern with a hint of medieval; a wonderful mix of rustic and chique. Not two rooms look completely the same. In our view, this is what makes our house so charming.