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VENUE: Panum Instituttet

Lundsgaards Auditoriet 

Panum Institute
University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Health Sciences
Blegdamsvej 3 B

DK-2200 Copenhagen N, Denmark

The Panum Institute at the University of Copenhagen houses the Faculty of Health Sciences, which includes the Dental and Medical schools. The Panum Institute is named after professor of physiology P.L. Panum (1820-1885) who, while still a medical student, worked on the cholera epidemics that culminated in 1853. P.L. Panum is also famous for his research into measles in connection with an epidemic of that disease in the Faroe Islands. The building was designed by a number of well-known Danish architects: Eva Koppel, Nils Koppel, Gert Edstrand and Erik Thyrring.