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ECNP School of Neuropsychopharmacology

Call for Applications
Participants at the SCNP 2011 meeting in Oslo are eligible to apply for the third course of the ECNP School of Neuropsychopharmacology. This course will be held from 3-8 July 2011 in Oxford, United Kingdom. SCNP will nominate 2-3 delegates that will attend the course free of charge and have their travel and accommodation expenses subsidized.

Deadline for application is April 1st 2011.

Who can apply?
The candidates would be qualified psychiatrists within 5 years of receiving their defining qualification and are likely to become key leaders of the speciality in the individual countries.

Guidelines to applicants
Applications should be submitted by e-mail to the scientific secretariat: ecnp_school(at)

The application form can be found here.

The Congress venue is situated in the centre of Oslo, only 100 meters from the Central Station and the Express train from Oslo Lufthavn Gadermoen. The Airport shuttle bus stops in front of the hotel. It is close to Oslo's finest shopping, sightseeing and entertainment. The congress venue also has indoor parking facilities if you arrive by car.


07.30-09.00 CCNP Educational Workshop
Research methods in schizophrenia, bipolar disorders and women?s health
Bill Honer (Vancouver)
Glenda MacQueen (Calgary)
Meir Steiner (Hamilton)

09.00-9.30 Astra Zeneca Canada Young Young Investigator Award Lecture 2009
Moderator: Harold Robertson (Halifax)

Origin of inter-individual differences in stress responsivity in human populations
Jens C. Pruessner (Montreal)

9.30-11.00 ASTRA-ZENECA SCNP Young Scientist Symposium
Moderators: Ole A. Andreassen (Oslo) & Gregers Wegener (Aarhus) 

Isolation-rearing differentially affect behavioural phenotype and the hippocampal cytoskeletal microtubular proteins and synaptic markers in Sprague Dawley and Flinders Sensitive Line rats
Massimiliano Bianchi (Paris)

Requirement of central ghrelin signaling for alcohol reward
Elisabet Jerlhag (Gothenburg)

Second-by-second measurement of nicotine-evoked glutamate release in the prefrontal cortex : Relevance to schizophrenia
Asa K Konradsson-Geuken (Columbus)

Cytokines in the cerebrospinal fluid of suicide attempters
Daniel Lindqvist (Lund)

Tricyclic antidepressant binding to the human serotonin transporter (hSERT) Steffen Sinning (Aarhus)

Neuropeptide Y Y5 receptor antagonism attenuates addictive effects of cocaine Gunnar Sørensen (Copenhagen)

11.00-11.30 Coffee break 


I. New targets for the treatment of alcohol abuse/addiction
Moderators: Harry Robertson (Halifax) & Björn Appelberg (Helsinki)

The glycine transporter as a possible target for drugs against alcoholism
Bo Söderpalm (Gothenburg)

Ghrelin signaling as a possible target for drugs against alcoholism
Jörgen Engel (Gothenburg)

Naltrexone as treatment for amphetaminism
Johan Franck (Stockholm)

II. Circadian Rhythms and Psychopathology
Moderators: Sid Kennedy (Toronto) & Thordur Sigmundsson (Reykjavik)

Sleep disturbances and ADHD
Reut Gruber (Montreal)

Agomelatine treatment of depression
Sid Kennedy (Toronto)

Seasonal Affective Disorder: An update
Andres Magnusson (Reykjavik)

The role of melatonin in autism spectrum disorders
Jonas Melke (Paris)

13.00-14.00 Lunch

14.00-15.00 Debate Pro-Contra
Does neuroneogenesis occur in the adult human brain? An update.
Moderators: Eero Castren (Helsinki) & Torsten Meldgaard Madsen (Copenhagen)

Jonas Frisén (Stockholm)
Arvid Carlsson (Gothenburg)

15.00-15.30 SCNP 2009 - Lecture
Moderator: Torgny H. Svensson (Stockholm)

Antidepressant drugs ? a Scandinavian history
Ingrid Carlberg (Stockholm)

15.30-16.00 Coffee break

16.00-17.30 Astra Zeneca Satellite Symposium
Second-generation antipsychotic drugs for both psychotic and affective disorders - neurobiological rationales
Moderators: Lars Farde (Stockholm) & Hans Ågren (Gothenburg)

Neurobiology - NET inhibition and the effects of antipsychotic drugs
Torgny H. Svensson (Stockholm)

A translational perspective on quetiapine - beyond an atypical
Svante Nyberg (Stockholm)

The role of dopamine and norepinephrine in the pathophysiology of mood disorders
Hans Ågren (Gothenburg)

The concept of atypicality - neuropharmacological underpinnings as revealed by molecular imaging
Aurelija Jucaite (Stockholm)

17.45-19.30 Poster Session

20.00 50th Anniversary Congress Dinner