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Anja Winther Fjorback

I started working with the monoamine transporters, when I joyed the group of Dr. Ove Wiborg, at the Centre of Psychiatric Research, Risskov in 2004, where I continued on doing my Ph.D.

The primary focus of my Ph.D. project was to study the regulation of the monoamine transporters. I was interested in finding new interaction partners of the monoamine transporters. I started doing my research in cultured cells, but have since moved on to working in neuronal primary cultures. During my Ph.D. I was a visiting Ph.D. student at Dr. Jana Haase┬┤s group, at the University Of College Dublin, Ireland. After my Ph.D. in 2008, I joined the group of Jens Nyengaard to work as a post doc in the MIND center, University of Aarhus. Here I continued on investigating protein trafficking using advance microscopic techniques, such as FRET, FLIM and live cell imaging; all techniques that can be helpful in understanding trafficking of membrane proteins. In years to come I hope to be able to identify and characterize new interacting proteins, helping to understand the mechanisms underlying the trafficking of the monoamine transporter.